Project You

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The Project You initiative.

As a small start-up, we have been there before. When you have ambitions for your business, but just don’t have the funds or sources to get it started. So that’s why Project You is exactly what the name suggests; you. Project You is about giving back to the community and giving others the opportunity to get on their feet and give them the push they need.


Chant Consulting has created packages that the winner small-to-medium business can choose from. These packages have been designed to help these businesses get their feet off the ground, and get up and running.

Prize 1: Custom Desktop Website Design and Development

This is the perfect prize if you do not have a website or are in desperate need of a website redesign. After our talented graphic design team creates a website that you are happy with, we will then make it come to life.

  • First draft design within two weeks after client meeting
  • If not approved, designer will take 1 week turnaround time to make changes
  • Once approval is given, the website will be up within one month.
Prize 2: Graphic Design Starter Package

This is a package for companies that need the basic set of stationery that every professional business has. This package encompasses:

  • Logo design
  • Business card design – 100 printed
  • Letterhead design – 100 printed
  • Envelope designs – 100 printed
  • Label designs – 100 printed
  • First draft design within two weeks after client meeting
  • If not approved, designer will take one week turnaround time to make changes
  • Once approval is given, the products will be printed within two weeks
Prize 3: Consulting

Do you have a problem in your business that you just cannot solve? Do you believe that your business is not performing to the standard that it should? Consulting is the prize best suited for you. Our leading consultant will meet with you and help make sense of your business performance, both internally and externally, and what to do to achieve better outcomes.

This package consists of two free hours worth of consulting with a leading consultant worth $500.

  • Client can set the appointment whenever desired within 3 months of the winner’s announcement
Prize 4: Set-up package

If you know your business needs social media, SEO and other fundamental marketing solutions, but have no idea where to start or what to do, then this set-up prize is designed for you.

This package encompasses:

  • Social Media: Set up of 2 social media platforms of choice, profile optimisation, custom-designed profile and cover photos and updates for 3 times a week for a month
  • SEO: Website audit, 10 keywords, 2x Keyword Articles
  • Email Newsletter: Account set up, unique email template design and training
  • Designers and SEO specialists will send completed design and keywords to client within two weeks of client meeting
  • If not approved, they will take one week turnaround time to make changes

What you need to know.

This competition is run every second month, beginning on the 1st of the month and ending on the 21st. The winner will be announced on the last day of the month.

To enter, you just have to answer one question: If you could only use 1 digital marketing strategy to promote your business, what would you choose and why?

How? Here is the opportunity to get as creative (or not) as you want. You can submit a video, document, image, gif, comic – the sky’s the limit.

The only requirements are that they are submitted before the deadline (21st) of each month and that they cannot exceed the following lengths and sizes:

  • Video – 1 minute
  • Word Document – 500 words
  • Image – saved as .jpg and .pdf

Send your entry to [email protected]