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Improve your ROI with PPC

An effective marketing strategy is pay per click (PPC). There are two purposes to PPC. The first is to generate more qualified leads to a business’s website, and the second is to increase their conversion rate.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a highly flexible and controllable form of advertising that offers companies exposure to a highly targeted audience. In an ideal world, PPC campaigns attract highly qualified website traffic and leads, vastly improving ROI.

Chant Consulting can make that

ideal world, real

At Chant Consulting, we believe that Google AdWords is the most cost-effective method of PPC advertising because it is measurable, flexible and delivers instantaneous, measurable results.

Unlike other forms of advertising where you pay despite how many people your ad reaches, the PPC AdWords system means that you only pay if and when a user clicks through to the ad and onto your website.

With three different forms of Google AdWords advertising available, Chant Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to leverage each type to maximise your business results. That’s because we believe that a successful Google AdWords / PPC campaign isn’t just achieving a high amount of clicks, but the calls and online enquiries following these clicks – your conversions.

In order to implement a strong AdWords campaign, the team will conduct rigorous keyword research into your business and industry to determine the most searched keywords your target audience are commonly using. Using these chosen keywords, our experienced copywriters will write the ads, while our talented graphic designers will create the display and remarketing ads.

After approval, Chant Consulting will make your campaign live, constantly analysing results and refining the settings to optimise the results, based on the data collected from analytics. We will then compile these results in a monthly report for your evaluation.

Thethree types of Google AdWords

There are three types of Google AdWords that are available; search ads, display ads and remarketing ads.

Search Ads are the first few advertisements you see on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), as well as the last ones. These search ads will commonly lead users to a landing page separate to your website that promotes a certain product or service.

Display advertisements generally take the form of banner ads and rich media. Unlike search ads which are text-based, display advertisements rely on elements such as images, audio and video.

Remarketing is an effective form of highly targeted advertising. Ever gone shopping for a pair of shoes and decided not to purchase them, but saw an ad of the same pair of shoes a short while later and your desire to make the purchase was reignited? That reminder is exactly what remarketing capitalises on in the digital realm

It helps companies reach users who have already visited their website, social network pages or used their app. Remarketing allows you to reach out to past site and app visitors and bring them back onto your website through capturing them at the right place, at the right time

We offer the following AdWords services

AdWords – setup, copywriting
Display Ads – setup, copywriting, design
Remarketing Ads – set up, copywriting, design
Ad Management and Monitoring – bidding, pausing and stopping campaigns based on data
Monthly reports – so you can evaluate our results

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